April 12th
  Joe’s Pub @ The Public, New York, NY (tickets)

April 13th   First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh, PA

April 14th   Mahall’s 20 Lanes, Lakewood, OH (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 15th   The Monarch, Toronto, ON (w/Baby Dee)

April 16th   Trinosophes, Detroit, MI (w/Baby Dee)

April 17th   CSPS, Cedar Rapids, IA (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 18th   Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 19th   West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 21st   X-Dream Cabaret Closing Cabal @ Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Calgary, AB (tickets)

April 23rd   Blackbird Farm, Woodland, WA (w/Baby Dee)

April 25th   Amnesia, San Francisco, CA (w/Baby Dee)

April 26th   The Mezz Bar @ The Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, CA (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 30th   Kentucky Museum of Art and Crafts, Louisville, KY (w/Baby Dee)

May 5th   Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, IE (w/Baby Dee)

May 9th   Macello, Padova, IT (w/Baby Dee)

May 10th   Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, IT (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 12th   Efest @ Piccolo Teatro, Catania, IT (w/Baby Dee)

May 17th   Cafe Oto, London, UK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 18th   Cafe Oto, London, UK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 21st   Haus Ungarn, Berlin, DE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 22nd   Café Mir, Oslo, NO (w/Baby Dee)

May 23rd   Stora Teatern, Göteberg, SE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 24th   Inkonst, Malmö, SE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 25th   Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)


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