Live dates


April 12th
  Joe’s Pub @ The Public, New York, NY (tickets)

April 13th   First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh, PA

April 14th   Mahall’s 20 Lanes, Lakewood, OH (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 15th   The Monarch, Toronto, ON (w/Baby Dee)

April 16th   Trinosophes, Detroit, MI (w/Baby Dee)

April 17th   CSPS, Cedar Rapids, IA (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 18th   Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, Minneapolis, MN (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 19th   West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, MB (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 21st   X-Dream Cabaret Closing Cabal @ Calgary Spoken Word Festival, Calgary, AB (tickets)

April 23rd   Blackbird Farm, Woodland, WA (w/Baby Dee)

April 25th   Amnesia, San Francisco, CA (w/Baby Dee)

April 26th   The Mezz Bar @ The Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, CA (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

April 30th   Kentucky Museum of Art and Crafts, Louisville, KY (w/Baby Dee)

May 5th   Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, IE (w/Baby Dee)

May 9th   Macello, Padova, IT (w/Baby Dee)

May 10th   Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, IT (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 12th   Efest @ Piccolo Teatro, Catania, IT (w/Baby Dee)

May 17th   Cafe Oto, London, UK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 18th   Cafe Oto, London, UK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 21st   Haus Ungarn, Berlin, DE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 22nd   Café Mir, Oslo, NO (w/Baby Dee)

May 23rd   Stora Teatern, Göteberg, SE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 24th   Inkonst, Malmö, SE (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)

May 25th   Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DK (w/Baby Dee) (tickets)


12th April   Joe’s Pub, New York City, US (“State of Grace” North American record release show) (tickets)

13th April   First Unitarian Church, Pittsburgh, US

14th April   Mahall’s 20 Lanes, Cleveland, US (tickets)

15th April   Monarch Tavern, Toronto, CA

16th April   Trinosophes, Detroit, US

17th April   CSPS, Cedar Rapids, US (tickets)

18th April   Bryant Lake Bowl Theatre, Minneapolis, US

19th April   West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg, CA (tickets)

21st April   Calgary Spoken Word Festival @ Festival Hall, Calgary, CA (tickets)

25th April   Amnesia, San Francisco, CA

26th April   The Mezz, Los Angeles, CA

5th May   Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, IE

8th May   TBA, Milan, IT

9th May   Macello, Padova, IT

10th May   Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino, IT

12th May   Efest, Catania, IT

17th May   Cafe Oto, London, UK (tickets)

18th May   Cafe Oto, London, UK (tickets)

20th May   TBA, Frankfurt, DE

21st May   Haus Ungarn, Berlin, DE

23rd May   Stora Teatern, Götenberg, SE (tickets)

24th May   Inknonst, Malmö, SE

25th May   Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, DK (tickets)


Larsen European tour poster crop

March 20th   L’Usine, Geneva, CH

March 21st   Slow Club, Freiburg, DE

March 22nd   Divadlo Pod Lampou, Plzeñ, CZ

March 23rd   PMK, Innsbruck, AU

March 25th   TBA, Szeged, HU

March 26th   Akvarium, Budapest, HU

March 28th   Damfzentrale, Bern, CH

April 1st   Cafe Oto, London, UK (tickets)

April 3rd   Taylor John’s House, Coventry, UK (tickets)


Little Annie & Baby Dee

Roundhouse Experimental Choir (REC)

Jordan Hunt feat. the Principle Six

Tin Angel Records and Rockfeedback Concerts present two of the most colourful and artistically prolific voices of the last 30 years.

Little Annie aka Annie Anxiety Bandez, is a smokey contralto, raconteur and restless spirit who has spent the last 30 years creating a body of work that would take much more space than available here to list. Baby Dee is a tall eccentric redhead from Cleveland, Ohio with a deep, haunting voice accompanied by portentous, dramatic piano, harp and accordion. Together, they have created their first collaborative album, the stunning “State of Grace”, to be released soon by Tin Angel Records. For this very special live performance, they will be joined by Jordan Hunt, Eric Chenaux, the Roundhouse Experimental Choir, and other special guests.

Tickets available from SeeTickets, TicketWeb and WeGotTickets