Forthcoming shows


01.04.16 New York, The Owl (Tickets)
12.05.16 Dortmund, Theater (Tickets)
13.05.16 Bremen, Schwankhalle  (Tickets)
14.05.16 Hamburg, Kampnagel  (Tickets)
19.05.16 London Cafe Oto (Tickets)
20.05.16 London Cafe Oto (Tickets)
22.05.16 Münster, Pumpenhaus Theater (Tickets)
28.05.16 Berlin, Gruner Salon (Tickets)



    1. Were doing a USA tour for sure (about time!) I’ll let you know when we have a time frame. LOVE Detroit! My beautiful sister whos with the angels now wa married there. And you know Mamma LOVES Mowtown. !!

  1. Ciao ! Im in Torino at this moment with Larsen -will be doing soundscaping with Fabarizio Palumbo in Torino and Spezia (details on live page aftter Larsen tour finishes and hope to come back here with Dee. I love it so here amore!

  2. …more than two years ago you were in Milan with Baby Dee and (so lucky!) I was there too…

  3. Little Annie, you and Baby Dee were in gothenburg doing State of Grace. We were few, I went because it said postpunk cabare. I wanted to know what that was. If I had known who you were I could have brought in my whole community of punk musicians and queers and others. But, your music is now well known, Ive told so many people of one of my best musical experiences ever. You were naked, and so true that it made my soul bleed. But in such a experienced way and profesional that I left stronger for life. I and my sister Mio cried, we took you in and know we sing your songs with a lot of more people that gets empowered by your music, for that work, thank you. And thank you Baby Dee.

    1. What a beautiful message, look forward to coming back-its a truly interactive moment-each person at the show makes it what it is, changing the room as they enter- so thank you & wish you a gorgeous spring xx

    1. Neither of those cities this trip but we will be doing much more touring in the coming year and would think one if not both
      cities would be included – hope so!! Missing my friends all over – this is my longest time off proper touring in almost a year! Not good – need to see all – missing that!

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